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Anne, Owner
About The Savvy Sorter
I started this business 5 years ago because I have a passion for helping people tackle their clutter.  There are so many reasons we get overwhelmed with our stuff (hey, sometimes it's not even ours!).  We go through lifestyle changes that create a need or desire in us to do something about it.  I've been there for many people in this situation.  It's not always easy to scale-down our stuff or say "goodbye" to decades of memories, but I promise to make it easier!  I will bring compassion and commitment to every client's doorstep.   

Organization is about function,
not perfection!
​I graduated with a bachelor of arts from Salem College, Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1995.  My husband and I met the following year in Branson, Missouri working with troubled teens.  We moved from Colorado to Ohio twelve years ago and have a family that constantly challenges me to stay organized!
The Savvy Sorter came to my rescue and now I have a clean, usable basement.  Anne's ability to quickly categorize items was invaluable.  A job too overwhelming for me alone was made pleasant and easy with her help.  Many, many thanks!
Customer Reviews
My husband and I relocated to Columbus in the spring. We were blessed to have a moving company pack and move us. Once we were semi-settled in our new home, I started feeling the need to go through the endless boxes in the basement, but I just couldn't make myself. Anne came over one day and helped me make sense of it all. She came up with a plan and we rolled up our sleeves. Within just a couple of hours we had organized all those boxes and there was even room to walk! Great work Anne! Thanks!
Whether you are trying to trim down 20 years of accumulated "stuff", or just trying to de-clutter and re-organize, the Savvy Sorter can definitely help. She is totally capable of making it happen on her can leave the house (but not to shop!) and trust her to get the job done for you, or if you're like me, the two of you can work together. She asks just the right questions to help you decide what stays and what goes, and then she offers ideas to help you figure out how to re-organize the things that stay, in a way that will work best for you. A huge bonus is that after spending a day working with Anne, she leaves you motivated to want to keep going, to tackle the next project.  I highly recommend scheduling a day or two (or more) with the Savvy Sorter....(what's the point in there's more stuff??) 
The Savvy Sorter is bonded and insured.