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Before and After Photos
Please enjoy browsing through the before and after photos and reading my comments.
Organization is about function, not perfection!
Clients will come to me with the desire to transform areas that have a purpose but need more organized  placement.  The phone was so close to this corner that it made sense to have pad and pen handy, but moving the greeting cards to another location and putting them in a decorative box made this area more useful and attractive!
The area shown was supposed to be used as a crafting area. 
The amount of items in this space and it's disorganization made it impossible to use. 
 Lack of time, energy, and 
a helping hand make
situations like this seem overwhelming. My client and I sorted, purged, and labeled her craft items in order to make this area functional again

Papers are the #1 organizing
issue for most of my clients.  
The solution is to simplify instead of create more methods, places, or gadgets for our papers.  It's so nice to have a clear workspace!
Basements are a prime target for what I call, "Leave it and forget it"!  Unfortunately, basements and storage areas can be our biggest assets if we organize them properly.  Getting a system in place, can allow room for items that linger about in other areas of the house.  These areas can become functional again, it just takes time and motivation.